PROJECT LIST – Custom Homes, Major Remodels and Interior Architectural Projects

Below is a partial list of projects underway or complete. Click on underlined titles to see their respective Gallery images.


  • Burnham Residence — 2502 Crestview Drive, (Updated Cottage Style), New Home, 2018
  • Bravante Residence — 37 Beacon Bay, (Updated Cottage Style), New Home, 2018
  • Haugen Residence — 65 Montecito, (Updated Traditional Style), 2017
  • Carty Residence—11 Beacon Bay, (Cottage Style), Major Remodel, 2017
  • Jordan Residence — 1009 Sandcastle, (Updated Cottage Style), Major Remodel, 2017
  • Frank Residence —2561 Bayshore Drive, (Shingle Style), Major Remodel, 2017
  • Palochek Residence — 2431 Bayshore Drive, (Shingle Style), Major Remodel, 2017
  • Danner Residence — 7 Oakmont, (French), New Home, 2018
  • Abels Residence — 3000 Ocean Blvd, (Updated Cottage style), New Home, 2018
  • Custom Residence — 113 Via San Remo, (Updated French Provincial), New Home, 2017
  • Quackenbush Residence — 1915 Kewamee Drive, (Contemporary), Major Remodel, 2017
  • Bickett Residence — 2714 West Oceanfront, (shingle style), Major Remodel, to be completed 2017.
  • Wootten Residence — Elbow Cay, Abacos, Bahamas, (Traditional Bahamas’ Island Style). New Home to be completed in 2018.
  • Robinson Residence — Hunt Club, 27946 Sufolk Lane, San Juan Capistrano, (English Style Architecture), Major Remodel to be completed in 2017. 


Bayshores Community, Newport Beach

  • Holcomb Residence — 2580 Crestview Drive, (Cottage Style), Major Remodel, 2016
  • Shepherdson Residence — 2701 Bayshore Drive, (Shingle Style), Major Remodel, 2016.
  • Uitzetter Residence —2471 Bayshore Drive, (Coastal Shingle Style), New Home, 2015.
  • Ward Residence —2521 Vista Drive, (Cape Cad Beach Style Architecture), Major Remodel, 2013.
  • Caldwell Residence2751 Bayshore Drive, (Nantucket Style Architecture). New Home, 2012, Published in Barclay Buteras’ book, “Getaways and Retreats”, 2013.
  • Sanchez Residence2631 Circle Drive, (New Home, Key West Island Style Architecture), New Home, 2006, Published in Traditional Home Magazine, Holiday 2008.
  • Bathen Residence2642 Circle Drive, (Updated Clean Traditional Style), New Home, 2007.
  • Custom Residence2646 Bayshore Drive, (New Home, French West Indies Island Style Architecture), 2003, Published in Coast Magazine, June 2004. Selected to be on the AIA (American Institute of Architects) Annual Architectural Home Tour.
  • Rawlins Residence2601 Bayshore Drive, (New Home, Eastern Seaboard Style Architecture), Project Architect, 2000, Published in Coastal Living Magazine, July/August 2002.
  • Tomaselli Residence — 2561 Bayshore Drive, (Colonial Shingle Style Architecture), Major Remodel, Architectural Interiors only, 2005.
  • Francis Residence — 2596 Crestview, (Improvised Cottage Style Architecture dictated by existing roof line). Major Remodel, 2005.
  • Shepard Residence — 2546 Crestview Drive, (Improvised Cottage Style Architecture), Major Remodel, 2005.
  • Wiese Residence — 2591 Bayshore Drive, (Traditional Shingle Style). Remodel, Architectural Interiors only 2004.
  • Tomaselli Residence — 2641 Vista Drive, (French Architecture). Remodel, Architectural Interiors only, 2003.
  • Johnson Residence — 2668 Bayshore Drive, (French Normandy Style Architecture). Project Architect, New Home, 1991.
  • Link Residence — 2672 Circle Drive, (Eastern Seaboard Style Architecture). Architectural Interiors only, Project Architect, 1993.

Beacon Bay Community, Newport Beach

  • McCormac Residence#42 Beacon Bay, (Updated Cape Code Style), New Home, 2014.
  • Cunningham Residence #1 Beacon Bay, (Transitional Style Beach Cottage with an Industrial overtone), New Home, 2013.
  • Walker Residence#27 Beacon Bay, (European Style Beach Cottage). New Home, 2011, Published in LUXE. Interiors & Design Magazine, Orange County, Cover photo, 2013. Selected to be on the Corona Del Mar High School Home Tour 2011.
  • Sheward Residence — #25 Beacon Bay, (Traditional Pasadena Cottage Style Architecture), Major Remodel, 2006, Published in Cottages and Bungalows, October/November 2013. Selected to be on the AIA (American Institute of Architects) Annual Architectural Home Tour. Published in Better Homes and Gardens, Remodel Magazine, May 2010.
  • Briggs Residence#44 Beacon Bay, (Early 20th century Classic Coastal Style Architecture). New Home Construction, 2004.
  • Guggenheim Residence#4 Beacon Bay, (Classic Cottage Architecture), Major Remodel, 2004.
  • Kolling Residence#58 Beacon Bay, (Traditional Island Style Architecture), Major Remodel, 2002.
  • Wilson Residence#54 Beacon Bay, (Traditional Cottage Style Architecture), Major Remodel, 1997, Published in Better Homes and Gardens, Kitchen and Bath Ideas, July/August 2003.

Irvine Cove Community, Irvine

  • Custom Residence2505 Altamar Lane, (Updated Hawaiian Island style with a classical twist), New Home, 2012.

Dover Shores Community, Newport Beach

  • Bahnsen Residence, 2106 Santiago Drive, (Cottage Style), Major Remodel, 2016
  • Harris Residence — 1318 Cambridge Lane, (Updated Coastal Style). 2014.
  • Lukosky Residence1206 Devon Lane, (Updated Traditional Style). New Home, 2008, Published in Romantic Homes, March 2013, Also Published in Better Homes and Gardens, April 2009.
  • Wayne Residence — 405 North Star Lane, (Contemporary with use of reclaimed materials), Major Interior Remodel, 2011.
  • Buckingham Residence — 1325 Galaxy Drive, (Traditional Architecture), Remodel, 2001.

Big Canyon Community, Newport Beach

  • Stanton Residence — #5 Oakmont, (Federalist Style Architecture), New Home, 2003.
  • Mossman Residence#12 Pinehurst Lane, (French Normandy Style Architecture), Major Remodel, 2009.

Newport Heights Community, Newport Beach

  • Graber Residence 446 El Modena, (Cottage Style), Major Remodel, 2016
  • Helsing Residence641 St. James Road, (Updated Transitional Style), New Home, 2015. Published in the Orange County Register, Home and Garden Section, “Play House”, April 25, 2015. Selected to be on the Newport Harbor High School Home and Garden Tour, 2015

Corona Del Mar, Newport Beach

  • Torlic’ Residence — 6 Rocky Point Road, (Contemporary), 2017
  • Torelli Residence — 516 Hazel Drive, (Updated Contemporary Cottage Style), Major Remodel, 2016
  • Crowley Residence — 511 Hazel Drive, (Updated Vintage Industrial Style Beach Cottage). Major Remodel, 2015.
  • Braccia Residence214 Orchid, (Farmstead Chic), New Home Construction, 2016.
  • Wagner Residence214 Iris Avenue, (Traditional Cottage Style). New Home, 2011, Published in Better Homes and Gardens, Kitchen and Bath Ideas, summer 2013.
  • Leonard Residence4621 Roxbury, (Tuscan Style Architecture), Major Remodel, 2005.
  • Strauss Residence — 2501 Island View Drive, (Traditional), Major Remodel, 2001.
  • Strater Residence — 215 Evening Canyon, Shorecliffs, (Formal French Style). New Home, Project Architect, 1990.
  • Concept Studio Showroom2720 E. Coast Highway, Upstairs Kitchen Showroom Design. Published Coast Magazine, 2001.

Lido Isle, Newport Beach

  • O’Shea Residence —343 Via Lido Soud, (Pasadena Style Architecture) Major Remodel, 2015.
  • Hyman Residence —, 116 Via Koron, (Coastal Cottage Style), New Home Construction, 2015.
  • Donahue Residence932 Via Lido Nord, (Classical Hawaiian Style Architecture), New Home , Project Architect, 1997.
  • Hennessey Residence — 335 Piazzo Lido, (French Provincial Style Architecture), New Home, 2006.
  • Leonard Residence — 736 Via Lido Nord, (French Provincial Style Architecture). New Home, Project Architect, 1986.

Harbor Island, Newport Beach

  • Argyros Residence — 31 Harbor Island Drive, (Traditional Architecture), Major Remodel, Project Architect, 2000.

Irvine Terrace, Newport Beach

  • Read Residence32 N. Castaways, Newport Beach, (Traditional), Minor remodel, 2016.
  • Hastings Residence — 1818 Port Tiffin, (Updated Craftsman Style). New Home, 2000.
  • Rauth Residence — 1625 Bayside Drive, (Updated Traditional Shingle Style), Major Remodel, 2005.

Balboa, Newport Beach

  • Swift Residence — 2035 Miramar, (Classic Coastal Cottage Style), Major Remodel, 2005.
  • Woods Residence106 Coral, Balboa Island, (Salt Box Architecture), Major Remodel, 1998.
  • Shea Residence — 2009 East Bay Avenue, (Monterrey Architecture), Major Remodel, Project Architect, 1997.

Laguna Beach Community

  • McNeill Residence#240 Emerald Bay, (Classic Coastal Island Style). Major Remodel, 2005.

Long Beach Community

  • Wootten Residence, 5621 El Jardin Street, Major Remodel, 2016
  • Dickson Residence — 41 N. Sea Isle Drive, Treasure Island, (Parisian French with a slight country style), New Home, Project Architect, 2001.

Southern California Communities

  • Herbert Residence — 4100 Calle Isabella, San Clemente, (Western White House), Major Remodel, Project Architect, 2000.
  • Birtcher Residence32192 Cook Lane, San Juan Capistrano, Major Remodel, Project Architect, 2000.
  • La Caze Residence — Beach Front Road, San Juan Capistrano, (Beach Cottage), Major Remodel, Project Architect.

Los Angeles Communities

  • Wong Residence — 810 Sarbonne, Bel Air, (Contemporary), Major Remodel.
  • Avery Residence — 12320 Helena, West Los Angeles, (Architectural Interior Project), New Home Construction, Project Architect.
  • LaCaze Residence — 24 Portuguese Bend Road, Rolling Hills, (Remodel). Project Architect.

Palm Desert Community, (gated community)

  • Walker Residence — 74-885 Hummingbird, Vintage Club, Palm Desert, New Home, Project Architect.
  • Shea Residence- 75-339 Morningstar Lane, Vintage Club, Palm Desert, Major Remodel, Project Architect.

Mountain Communities

  • Bibb/Durgan Residence — Sun Valley, Idaho, (Traditional Mountain Style), New Home, Architectural Interiors Only, 2005.
  • Gulmi Residence — 14 Aspen Hollow, Deer Valley, Utah, (Traditional Mountain Style), Remodel, 2003
  • Gulmi Residence — 12 Aspen Hollow, Deer Valley, Utah, (Traditional Mountain Style), Remodel, 2001.
  • Kearney Residence — 27 East Main, Bozeman, Montana, (Traditional Mountain Style). New Home Construction, Architectural Interiors only, Project Architect, 1995

Elbow Cay, Abacos, Bahamas

  • Wootten Residence, (Traditional Bahamas’ Island Style), New Home to be completed in 2017.

Las Vegas Communities

  • Biegger Residence, 20 Wild Dunes Court, (Island Style), New Home, Project Architect, 1999